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St John Vianney Catholic Church

St John Vianney Catholic Church, 6200 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL, Schools

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St. John Vianney

Please visit St. John Vianney, Florida. See the directions below.

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Spanish/English Dual Language Program

Our wonderful dual language program provides our school an environment in which students can thrive in today’s multicultural world. Starting from Pre-K4, our students are introduced to English and Spanish language classes. These wonderful and unique programs have three goals – academic excellence, bilingualism and cultural competency. In Central Florida there are no Catholic schools that offer bilingual classes.

What is special about St. John Vianney?

John Vianney is considered by Church members as being regarded for his faithfulness. Pope Pius VIII canonized John Vianney in this diocese in 1925. The only diocesan priest canonization occurred in this diocese in the 19th century. He has become a patron saint of all diocese and clergy worldwide.

What happened to St. John Vianney?

John Vianney died on August 4th, 1859, from a heart attack. He’d been 70. In Ars, in an altar dedicated to the saints, he has relics which attract 440,000 pilgrimages per year.

Is the body of St. John Vianney incorrupt?

Vianney is one of several phenomena in Catholicism which have been called incoherent saints. The saints in that group have no body and have been dead for several years before their deaths. It affects the arm, tongue, heart.

What is the religion of Saint John Vianney?

John Vianney / Saint John Vianney a French-Catholic priest whose ancestors had been buried in France as Saint. John vianney school and is regarded as saint in Christianity and as the patron saint of school children.

Where is St John Marie Vianney?

St John Mary Vincent’s body buried at Ars’s Basilica.

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What Community Does the St John Vianney Catholic Church Serve?

St John Vianney Catholic Church, located on Orange Blossom Trial in Orlando, FL, is a vibrant and welcoming parish that has been serving the local community for over 50 years. The church, part of the Diocese of Orlando, is named after St John Vianney, a French priest known for his devotion to the Eucharist and his work with the poor. In addition to weekly mass and confession services, St John Vianney Catholic Church also offers a range of ministries and programs for adults, youth, and children.

One of the most notable aspects of St John Vianney Catholic Church is its affiliated John Vianney Catholic School, which provides quality education for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school’s mission is to foster a child a love of learning and a strong foundation in Catholic faith and values. With a focus on academics, character development, and spiritual growth, the John Vianney school has become one of the top Catholic schools in the area.

Children Programs

For children, the church also offers a variety of programs and activities that promote faith and community. On Wednesdays, kids can participate in the Catholic Kids Club, where they and teachers can learn more about the Catholic faith and engage in fun and educational activities. St John Vianney Catholic Church also hosts an annual Vacation Bible School, which provides a week of engaging activities for children during the summer.

The location of St John Vianney Catholic Church on Orange Blossom Trial is convenient for students and those in the surrounding areas. The church is easily accessible by car or public transportation, and parking is available on-site. The church building itself is a beautiful example of traditional Catholic architecture, with stained glass windows, ornate altars, and a peaceful atmosphere that inspires prayer and reflection.

Affiliations of St John Vianney school

In conclusion, St John Vianney Catholic Church and its affiliated John Vianney Catholic School offer a warm and welcoming community for individuals and families looking to grow in their faith and education. With a focus on spiritual growth, academic excellence, and community involvement, St John Vianney Catholic Church and school is a great choice for those looking for a Catholic Church and school in Orlando, FL.

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